Collection of works for Orbotech, Orbotech Ltd. is a global innovator of enabling technologies used in the manufacture of the world’s most sophisticated consumer and industrial products throughout the electronics and adjacent industries.
Done in Shay Hayoun Studio.

Making of Orbotech Shooting Day 2015

Client - Orbotech
Client Manager - Ann Michael
Photography - Alexander Lipkin‎‏ | Assistant Photographer - Elad Kalich
Styling - Yuli Sagarda | Hair - Lior Gavrielov, Guy Tako | Make Up - Ingrid Feldman‎‏
Models Agancey - Mc2mm, Take2

Production & Branding - Studio Shai Hayoun
Project Manager - Shai Hayoun
Design & Production - Michal Melcer, Tal Sacagiu
Video & Editing - Anat Pinto

Models - (according to abc order)

Bryan Vives, Cheng Wei, Elad Hayoun,
Fernanda Kinder, Hao Wei Huang, Helena Terekhova,
Ingrid Feldman‎‏, Itay Levy, Michael Pichler, Roni Edri,
Rosliakova Kim Elena, Queenie Chan



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